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The 25x coach – how Wiser is becoming the world’s most advanced AI coaching platform

Updated: Feb 13


Wiser revolutionizes developmental coaching by using technology to reach a broader audience. Our group coaching platform has earned the trust of leading companies like Accenture and CVS, delivering remarkable outcomes, including a 22% average skill enhancement and an 83% goal accomplishment rate.

What sets Wiser apart is our strategic alliance with Hudson, featuring an exceptional community of 3,000 coaches and over 35 years of coaching excellence. Leveraging this deep coaching expertise and new technology together, we have set out to create what we are calling "25x coach." In this blog post, we delve into our vision and explain how our mission to build the world's foremost AI coaching platform will transform the coaching landscape.


What is the 25x coach?

Wiser is all about developmental coaching. We focus on uncovering and addressing the underlying beliefs and narratives that shape a client's thinking, meaning making, and behavior, facilitating transformative change by shifting long held beliefs and mindsets rather than relying on a behavioral focus alone. This is multifaceted work that only experienced coaches, such as graduates of Hudson’s rigorous and highly selective training program, can facilitate.

Traditionally a coach like this costs $25,000 per engagement and is reserved for the C-suite. But at Wiser we know that to meet our goal of distributing world-class coaching to 10,000,000 people (a somewhat ambitious goal…) we need to drive the cost down from $25,000 to under $1,000, while still maintaining a deeply impactful human experience for the client, and a meaningful, well compensated, and sustainable profession for our coaches. And this last point is what makes us who we are, because at our core we are a coach-first company. So how can a single well-compensated, deeply experienced, world-class coach serve 25x more clients while producing the same outcomes that a c-suite executive would expect from their high-touch engagement?

The two tools at our disposal are our AI-enabled technology platform, and group coaching.

AI Coaching Platform

We have boiled the coaching engagement down to its essence, inserting live coaching only at the highest leverage moments of the change process. Beyond removing the obviously time consuming administration a coach usually has to wrangle (finding clients, managing logistics, reporting insights and impact back to Client Organization, etc.), our platform plays four critical roles:

  1. Matches clients and coaches

  2. Identifies coaching issues a client will focus

  3. Facilitates ‘weekly coaching moments’, powered by AI

  4. Allows clients to practice a new skill AI-powered ‘Practice Labs’

These practice labs and coaching moments are the most exciting innovation we are working on and will unlock a delightful experience for users while driving us faster towards creating the 25x coach.

How it works: Clients commit to small experiments each week and return to the platform to reflect on how those experiments went. These reflections serve as developmental moments, pushing the client to pause and consider how to make genuine change. These reflections are shared with their coach. All this has allowed us to spread out coaching engagements, from every two-weeks to once-per-month, while improving outcomes.

AI enhances the coaching experience: The weekly “coaching moments” powered by the most up to date language models (currently GPT-4), engages users in tailored coaching process that drives deeper awareness opening the door to small pivots and changes that get to the heart of development and growth.

Practice Labs are another really exciting use of AI that we are incorporating into the platform. Along with moments or reflections that help clients do the inner work required to make real change, we also offer places to practice new skills with the helpful support of Owl, our coaching mentor, providing input and insights.

Group Coaching: multiplying impact while building community

In the name of multiplying the impact of our greatest asset, our community of 3,000 coaches, Wiser focuses on group coaching. Instead of 60-minute 1:1 sessions, our most common offering is 90 minutes in groups of six, which is 4x more efficient.

Group coaching is highly effective, offering the personal growth benefits of one-on-one sessions alongside the added value of community support, which is especially relevant in today's varied work environments. The main hurdles—logistics like matching and scheduling—are adeptly handled by our platform. Moreover, the nuanced and technical demands of group coaching are met by the consistent quality of our Hudson-trained coaches, ensuring impactful sessions every time.

Key Highlights:

  • Community and Connection: Our group coaching fosters deep connections, encouraging participants to share insights, enhance accountability, and support each other's growth journeys within a nurturing community.

  • Streamlined Process: Wiser's platform eliminates logistical hassles with automated scheduling and intelligent group matching, ensuring a smooth and efficient coaching experience for organizations of any size.

  • Cultural Impact: Beyond individual growth, our coaching cultivates a collaborative culture, building strong internal networks that enhance organizational cohesion and adaptability.

  • Perspective Shift: Participants gain new insights through shared experiences, leading to transformative shifts in perspective that drive innovative thinking and leadership effectiveness.

In Conclusion

Wiser's journey towards becoming the world’s premier AI coaching platform, anchored in the 25x coaching concept, is revolutionizing coaching. By blending advanced AI with our robust group coaching framework, we're making top-tier developmental coaching accessible and scalable, moving closer to our goal of empowering 10 million individuals. This approach not only magnifies each coach's impact 25-fold but also fosters a culture of communal growth and resilience, crucial in the evolving landscape of work. Through Wiser, the future of coaching is not just about reaching more people—it's about deepening the impact and connection in every coaching interaction, embodying the true spirit of the 25x coach.


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