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Wiser by Hudson is a different take on scalable coaching. Our approach centers on a specific and highly refined, developmental coaching methodology. Our coaches are experts in this methodology — graduates of one of the most respected, sought-after, and rigorous coach training programs in the world — and our platform is tailored to support it. Wiser is optimized for delivering the highest quality individual and group coaching at scale.

The highest quality coaching, delivered at scale.

Wiser Leadership Coaching makes executive-caliber developmental coaching accessible to all levels of an organization, with options for Individual and Group Coaching from best-in-class coaches around the world.

Available Formats
Group Coaching

Groups of five to eight participants work with a coach for a series of 90-minute sessions. Each participant follows their own unique development plan, driving individual development while building culture and connection.

Individual Coaching

Participants work one-on-one with a coach for a series of 60-minute sessions. Individual coaching is ideal for engagements calling for the most intensive development per participant.

Wiser by Hudson's Impact:

I have hired many, many coaches in my various executive roles leading Leadership & Organizational Development organizations over the past decade and, without exception, the Hudson coaches rise to the top and are in a league of their own.


Kathryn Towers Kaminsky

Senior Director, Leadership & Organizational Development

We are passionate about growing our people through learning, but also about providing the opportunities to build meaningful connections and a sense of belonging and engagement. Our Accenture people are loving this program and we will continue to partner with Wiser to evolve and offer group coaching.


Cinzia Braghin

Head of ANZ Learning

Jeanne was a wonderful coach. The time I spent devoted to these Wiser coaching sessions has made a SIGNIFICANT impact on my venture into leadership. She pushed me to tap into a level of awareness and reflection that expanded my mindset and allowed room for abundant growth opportunities. Thank you!


Anonymous Participant

Wiser Managers



We developed a proprietary platform to elevate & center Hudson’s coaching methodology, allowing us to make the best coaches in the business available at scale.

Engagement Structure

Engagements can be tailored to your specific development goals, with flexible cadence and packages, optional 360 feedback, and more. Wiser Leadership Coaching can be deployed as a standalone program, or to customize an existing development initiative.


Developing high potentials


Succession planning


Change management

Matching & Scheduling

Our matching algorithm and scheduling tools make setting up individual and group coaching easy.

Development Planning

Our expert coaches guide participants through creating a coaching plan on the Wiser platform.

Nudging & Tracking

Wiser is designed to help participants stay on track and update their progress with minimal time spent in the platform.

Platform Overview:


Designed in collaboration with the coaching and adult development experts from the Hudson Institute of Coaching


Development planning, tracking, and nudging built upon a deeply researched methodology and backed by 35 years of practice


Guides participants through a process of inner work to promote self-awareness, followed by external actions & practices


Wiser’s platform allows organizations to track impact and get insight into the forces shaping culture.

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