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Group Coaching With Wiser by Hudson

Embarking on a leadership transformation journey can be a formidable and solitary experience. The power of group coaching, however, lies in the profound connections that expert coaches foster within a supportive community. These connections open up new perspectives, enhance accountability, and cultivate meaningful relationships with colleagues—all in a cost-effective manner.

Group coaching at scale, made easy.

Wiser brings one of the world’s most respected group coaching methodologies to organizations at scale while streamlining the deployment process.

Benefits of Group Coaching

The cohort-based development experienced in group coaching offers unique value to the participants and the organization.


Within the realm of leadership and personal development, accountability stands as the linchpin that transforms intentions into action. The coaching program fosters a profound sense of responsibility within the group and to the coach. The sense of accountability built by group coaching ensures commitment to personal growth and in turn creates tangible and measurable developmental progress.

Culture Building

Beyond individual growth, the coaching program acts as a catalyst for forging enduring connections within the organization. These connections evolve into deep relationships that enrich the entire career journey. By fostering a culture of collaboration and support, the program empowers individuals and fortifies the fabric of the organization's workforce, ensuring resilience and continuity, and ultimately leading to increased retention.

Shifting Perspectives

Research underscores that shifting perspectives is essential for lasting change. Within coaching groups, participants embark on a transformative journey that transcends their existing viewpoints. Together with the coach and the group, they gain fresh insights and explore alternative angles, often resulting in a paradigm shift that revolutionizes their approach to leadership and life.

Return On Investment

In theory, group coaching should be more cost-effective than 1:1 coaching, but challenging logistics mean this isn’t always the case. Wiser's group coaching combines world-class coaches with a platform designed to support their process. Wiser delivers an extraordinary ROI, enhancing team performance, engagement, and retention, all for less than the cost per employee of your last company offsite.

We are passionate about growing our people through learning, but also about providing the opportunities to build meaningful connections and a sense of belonging and engagement. Our Accenture people are loving this program and we will continue to partner with Wiser to evolve and offer group coaching.


Head of ANZ Learning, Accenture


Smooth logistics, enabled by the Wiser platform.

Managing a large-scale group coaching program can be a logistical challenge, both for the organization and its coaches. Our platform takes care of it.

Simplified Scheduling

We offer fully automated group scheduling, eliminating the need for coordination, email chains, calendar comparisons, scheduling polls, or any other pains you might have encountered in traditional cohort-based learning. Participants simply indicate their availability and Wiser does the rest. It's a simple and scalable solution.

Group Matching Algorithm

The Wiser platform creates groups based on a wide range of attributes, including availability, location, tenure, development areas, and more. The grouping is also fully customizability, allowing you, with guidance from our experts, to form groups around the attributes you find most relevant.

Built on Methodology

Our group coaching methodology, built on 35 years of expertise, helps participants build awareness, identify obstacles, and make genuine behavior shifts in support of their individual coaching goals, all while optimizing the group dynamics to enhance development across the cohort. Our platform is designed to support this methodology and makes it easy for the coach to engage with each participant’s development journey throughout the process.

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