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Developmental coaching drives change.

Wiser by Hudson brings transformational development to all levels of organizations through scalable individual and group coaching. Wiser’s developmental coaching is guided by a deeply researched methodology and delivered by the best-trained coaches in the world.

AI Enhanced Experience

The 25x coach. Read about how Wiser is becoming the world’s most advanced AI coaching platform.

Bespoke Development at Scale.

We guide your people along a path toward sustained behavior change through a combination of world-class coaching and integrated practice, with two different styles of development journey:

Wiser Managers

Turn early managers into leaders with deep development focused on the skills and behaviors that this audience needs most. This highly structured development journey combines self-paced learning and practice with expert coaching at the highest leverage moments of change.

Self-guided skill-building, tailor made for early managers

Weekly practice, reflection, and bite-sized learning

Monthly individual or group coaching sessions

Wiser Leadership Coaching

Transformational change for leaders (and aspiring leaders) of all levels. This development journey takes advantage of structured support from the platform, while allowing for entirely open-ended growth outcomes guided by expert coaching.

Methodology-driven coaching for all levels

Individual and group coaching with flexible cadence and number sessions

Integrates with existing development programs

Wiser helped our managers grow in their self-awareness, inquiry skills, and comfort with discomfort. It’s a fantastic program that fits into the daily lives of already-busy participants. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


Sr Talent Development Manager, Cengage Group

Wiser was developed by the Hudson Institute of Coaching to open up pathways to transformational development beyond the top levels of leadership. Hudson has spent over 35 years leading the field of coaching and training thousands of coaches in one of the most respected, sought-after, and rigorous certification programs. Hudson’s methodology is highly refined and has been used to create powerful change at some of the most successful organizations in the world. Learn More

Wiser by Hudson

Group Coaching Made Easy

Group coaching strengthens culture and connection and increases accountability and peer learning, all at a lower cost per participant.

I have hired many, many coaches in my various executive roles leading Leadership & Organizational Development organizations over the past decade and, without exception, the Hudson coaches rise to the top and are in a league of their own.


Senior Director, Leadership & Organizational Development, Palo Alto Networks

Client Stories

Case studies exploring the impact of Wiser at global organizations

Learn how Wiser's coaching platform helped managers at Sonos close the gap between potential and performance, all while finding the joy in management.

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