"I have had the privilege to hear Naokimi Ushiroda at a few conferences and was taken aback by his ability to express himself in a very concise and powerful manner. He listens well, is extremely focused, and always well prepared. I cannot recommend him highly enough." - Alain L. CEO, PrincipleLifeCoaching

"Naokimi has a talent for speaking. I saw him repeatedly win over crowds ranging from young to old and small to large. His speeches are simple and compelling. -Rewon C. Yale '13

My name is Naokimi Ushiroda, and after graduating from the Wharton school of business in '04, I invested more than 10 years training students in self-esteem, character development and leadership. I am an energy leadership coach, public speaking trainer, and non-profit director. My mission is to empower as many people as possible to find direction and fulfillment in their lives through utilizing the WISER Coaching process.

Certified Professional Coach

Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, IPEC

Who AM I?

My Credentials

Public Speaking Trainer
Impromptu Speech, Formal SPeech, workshop facilitation 


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